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Your restaurant management co-pilot.

Caantin streamlines vendor management and payments for leading restaurants, driving cost savings and growth.

Time savings

Automate vendor payments and invoicing, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

Enhanced vendor relationships

Foster strong partnerships with suppliers through clear communication and timely payments

Improved cash flow

Optimize your payment processes and gain insights to help manage your restaurant's finances effectively.

Take control of your operations, drive efficiency, and boost your bottom line.

Instant supplier pricing and availability info.

Simplify your processes, reduce email chains, and prioritise scaling your business. Seamlessly connect with your vendors and unleash the full potential of your operations.

Streamline accounts payables

Eliminate manual data entry and paperwork with Caantin's automated accounts payable process. Streamline your workflow and say goodbye to the hassle of traditional invoicing.


Track vendor performance, spending, and other key insights to improve your restaurant's vendor management with Caantin's powerful analytics tools.

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Boost revenue and get paid quicker.

Leading food and beverage suppliers boost restaurant and hotel sales while getting paid faster with Caantin.

Sell more than before

Empower your sales team to sell online and offline by uploading your catalog with Caantin.
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Transform your receivables into cash

Convert your invoices into instant capital with Caantin Capital
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Get paid quicker

Automate invoicing and get paid faster.

Get working capital by advancing your money tied up in unpaid hospitality invoices.
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Vendor management and payments software the restaurant industry loves.

Caantin streamlines procurement, supplier payments and inventory financing for Africa's leading food businesses.

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Caantin empowers your sales team to manage all your customers and create sales orders on the go, making it easy to keep track of all your sales.

Manage receivables.

We offer payment reminders and a system to collect payments, increasing your accounts receivable days.


Unlock the power of financing for your invoices with ease. Get the funds you need, when you need them. Don't wait, secure your financial future today.
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