Supercharge Your Business Growth with Caantin Solutions: Streamline operations, turbocharge productivity, and create unforgettable customer journeys.


Nairobi, Kenya - [7/6] - Caantin, the global technology company revolutionizing local commerce, is excited to announce the launch of its Partnership Program. This program offers entrepreneurs and businesses the opportunity to become partners with Caantin and unlock new revenue streams while providing world-class solutions to their customers. Entrepreneurs from Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and Ghana can apply.

Caantin's suite of cutting-edge products is designed to streamline operations, boost productivity, and create exceptional customer experiences. Through the Partnership Program, entrepreneurs and businesses can join forces with Caantin and make a positive impact on their own growth and that of their customers.

Let's explore the powerful solutions available through the Caantin Partnership Program:


Empower your Point of Sale with CaantinPoint. Streamline sales and delight customers effortlessly.


Simplify procurement with CaantinPro. Optimise supplier management and reduce costs.


Drive sales success with CaantinSales. Boost conversions and exceed targets.


Deliver last-mile delight with CaantinDeliver. Optimise logistics and impress customers.


Unleash online selling potential with CaantinCommerce. Attract customers and enable seamless transactions.

By joining the Caantin Partnership Program, entrepreneurs and businesses can enjoy incredible benefits to accelerate their growth:
  • Access to a broad network of customers and partners.
  • Earn generous commissions for every new customer referred to Caantin.
  • Co-marketing opportunities and collaborative promotional activities.
  • Dedicated support and resources to enhance your business journey.
Becoming a Caantin partner is easy and rewarding:
  1. Sign up for the Caantin Partnership Program.
  2. Refer businesses to Caantin using your unique referral link or code.
  3. Earn commissions for every new customer who joins Caantin through your referral.
  4. Access user-friendly partner dashboards to track referrals and commissions.
  5. Receive ongoing support from our dedicated partnership team.

"By partnering with Caantin, entrepreneurs and businesses can unlock new revenue streams and provide their customers with top-notch solutions," said Njavwa. "We believe in fostering a collaborative ecosystem where entrepreneurs and businesses can thrive together. Let's drive growth and success for entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide."

Join the Caantin Partnership Program today and unlock new opportunities for your entrepreneurial journey or business. Visit our partner page to learn more and become a Caantin partner.

About Caantin

Caantin is a global technology company with African roots, dedicated to transforming local commerce. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and businesses by providing innovative solutions that level the playing field. Headquartered in San Francisco, Caantin operates with a fully remote workforce and has a diverse team spread worldwide. The company is backed by renowned investors who have supported successful companies like Brex, Deel, Lyft, Flutterwave, mPharma, and others.

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11 Jan 2022
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